Aphesis Christian Ministries are dedicated to helping people come to a knowledge of the The Lord Jesus Christ through the Power of the Holy Spirit

Aphesis is a Greek word meaning :
Forgiveness, Deliverance, Liberty, Remission & Release.

The team leaders Steve & Elaine Mott have been used by the Lord in Healing Ministry for some thirty years. In which time they have seen the Lord do amazing miracles in healing, deliverance and most importantly salvation.

After planting their first church on a run down council estate on the west side of Norwich, they were obedient to the words of Scripture in Joel 2

As they were obedient in calling together a holy assembly the anointing power of God came on the meeting and the Lord initiated a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit in healing and mainly deliverance.

Not only were the congregation greatly affected and released by this, but so over the months that followed were a large number of unbelievers and also Christians from many denominations.

People from all over the United Kingdom started to come to this run down council estate to receive their freedom in Christ and He was truly Glorified.

After a couple of years the church was amalgamated with another Pentecostal Church in Norwich and Steve & Elaine started to show others how to pray effectively for the sick. Developing two different healing courses, and a pastoral deliverance course. We trained a group of people from four different churches and shared ministry with several other teachers. The Lord moved powerfully through these days and many people were healed and delivered.

The Lord then called us to plant our second church, growing from a base of four people in the home rapidly extending as people were joined by the Lord sovereignly sending them.

Many people came to faith and baptisms were a regular event at the river and by the sea. Healings were commonplace as the Holy Spirit was welcomed and Jesus was present to heal the sick and cast out demons.

After two years of growing church in the home, meeting monthly for healing celebrations and sponsoring church planting in India, the Lord called us to set up a home for the lost and the helpless. Isaiah 58:3-12 was the commission. This was realised some two years on from then, as a full Church meeting regularly for public worship. Provision for the house came in miraculously and soon ex-convicts, drug abusers and people of all needs were rooming with us for a period of up to six months or so. we demonstrated family to them and God's love was powerfully manifest.

After three years because of lack of funding we were forced to shut down the ministry house and later on the Lord showed us the reason as our eldest son David was diagnosed with lymphoma. Although David had received much prayer he went home to be with Jesus in about 8 months.

During his illness he testified to God's love and witnessed to many through his faith. His stand at this time was from

Philippians 1:21 'For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain'

We felt after twenty years of ministry we needed to minister to our own family and took time out to re-seek the Lord. We grew strong in conviction that the work had not finished and felt the Lord urge us back into ministry.

We feel that the Lord has re-commissioned us 'to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light, and from the dominion of Satan to God, in order that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance amoung those who have been sanctified by faith in Me' Acts 26:18

We are now available to minister as the Lord leads, in whatever way He chooses.

It is part of the vision of the ministry to serve and embrace people from every
Tribe, Tongue & Nation.
We have created a page to show the flags of the Nations in which we have had some involvement.

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