Practical Healing 11 Day Course

Here are a few testimonies from the course:

* I have been blessed tremendously by the course, through receiving prayer, being in an environment where love abounded. I have been blessed by the love and example of commitment shown to me, which has spoken volumes to me without a word being spoken. Biggest blessing is a lack of desire to 'Build a Ministry for yourself ' and the realisation it is God's job to heal, and ours to pray, which does take all the pressure off. Thanks to all the Aphesis team! Mr C. P. Norwich

* Excellent, would recommend this teaching to anyone. Easily understood notes. Teaching done with love and patience!
Mrs K .G. Aylsham

* Already I 've known my faith being built up, and there has been opportunities to pray and see God graciously move outside the meetings. What I want see God move me into - a healing lifestyle! Personally God has broken two inner vows and ministered into fears, and I 'm sure much more! I 'm grateful for the privelige of seeing the Holy Spirit move and to learn the beginnings of ministry in His annointing. I 've so appreciated the un-hyped worship and indeed the un-pushyness in everything, the emphasis back on God all the time and on His Word. Some of the worship times have been ' out of this world '. The healing, loving Holy presence of God. Mrs S.E. Norwich

* I 've received a lot and grown closer to the Holy Spirit through the course as well as boldness to trust Him. Thanks for your help!

Mr N.P. Norwich

*Bril !!! You know what I think. Mr J.A. Norwich

* These weeks have been a tremendous blessing to me and healing in many ways - God 's perfect timing again. Thankyou for your teaching and love. Wonderful to be all from so many different backgrounds. The practising of prayer for one - another was a great help . I hope you will teach again. Thanks!
Mrs G.K, Aylsham

* Very good, simple and easy to grasp hold of. Miss D.H. Norwich