Practical Healing 4 Day Course

Here are a few testimonies from the course:

*A very helpful day all over. God has met with me and done lots. Mrs S. E. Norwich

*Extremely enlightening course which was so helpful in my progression on the spiritual path. Such a blessing. Mrs M. R. Dereham

*Last time I was here, for about three to four weeks previous to that, I'd been suffering with my job doing heavy lifting. My back was playing up quite a bit and causing quite a bit of discomfort. During the time we had the healing, I felt, well, I'll come forward, God's telling me to come forward. They prayed, I felt the tension go a bit and within two days it has completely healed up. Praise the Lord!

Mr J.C. Norwich

* Before I came along last week, I thought that... well I've been a Christian for a couple of years and I really thought that what some mature Christians had was inaccessible to me, and I had no hope of getting it, as no one would ever tell me how you got it. After the last session, I realise I have it already, I just need to use it. I was in a situation with a young lady who was in a lot of pain and I thought I've got to do what Steve said. 'Just ask for the Holy Spirit to come and He will come' and I've got to test this out. I said to her 'Do you believe that when you ask the Holy Spirit to come He'll come' and she said 'No, I think you have to work through a lot of repentance and stuff like this.' And I said 'Lets test this.' So I tested it and it worked Praise God and it's given me confidence to go on.
Mrs A.D. Norwich

* I came here this-morning really stressed out. I really was quite stressed, I've had a hectic time at work and the Lord has released me from the tension of the stress. Mr J.A. Norwich

* God really filled me with power to go out. Miss D.H. Norwich

* For about 25 or so years I've had a troublesome 4th Dorsal Disc. I first put it out when I was cutting the lawn in the house we were moving into about 28 years ago and the doctor at that time cured it. He was a chiropractic doctor which was very unusual in those days. It has troubled me occasionally, sort of come on for a few days then go off. I could cure it by hanging from a door frame and sort of stretching my back. It came on again this-afternoon and Wendy and Margaret prayed for me and it went. Mr J.B. Norwich

* I spent this-morning in the meeting feeling very down, very depressed and very heavy, which has actually been the case for a couple of weeks now and just before coming back in from lunch I was outside praying that the Lord would really help me and really lift it from me, and take it all away. The first thing that Steve prayed when we came back in was for a lifting of the heaviness and depression, and it all went. I just want to say that it was a real response. God knew what my need was, He knew what I needed, He was ready to answer it. All I had to do was to ask for it. He was ready, more than willing to come up with the business, Praise God. Mr C.P. Norwich

* Last month when we met it was quite a struggle for me to get here, but by the Lords grace I did, it was a battle should I say. Since probably my teenage years I've had a problem with my right ear , a lot of discharging and things and eventually its left me with a degree of loss of hearing which I suppose over the years has progressively got worse as my family know when they are trying to communicate with me and I'm not hearing them as I should. Just the week before I came I remember sort of rather resigning myself to being one of those older people who can't hear with one ear and all that goes with that. When I came here, and can I say I've had this for years, I've never thought about it, just sort of lived with it, it just slowly got worse. I just sort of gone along with it really. Anyway when I came here I did say 'Lord what about my ear. You know we're here in a healing meeting, if there's a word of knowledge for a right ear I'll take it you want to do something for me.' There was a word of knowledge through Ruth here, so I thought 'right Lord', went forward and the main thing that happened to me, it was such a wonderful, wonderful touch from the Lord, it just meant such a lot, the main thing that happened to me is for some reason this deafness had got linked into guilt. I don't quite know why but God powerfully lifted that off and I'd become resigned to it because of that and as that went I suddenly felt a great assurance that my ear would unstop, its not completely better, but my whole feeling about my ear is different. I've still got some deafness but it's certainly better than it was and I want to give glory to God and I do believe its going to come right on through as I go on believing Him. Mrs A.F. Norwich

* I just want to thank God for what He has done for me today, and for the fact that I feel sure that when I go home the relationship between my husband and myself will be completely changed all to God's glory. Mrs P.W. Norfolk

* Yes the Lord really touched me today. I had a stomach complaint and an investigation two weeks ago, and the pain went completely and the nausea. I was also given a text which was the same as my daughter sent me, so I was really blessed. Thank you Father.

Mrs G.K. Aylsham

* I just want to give thanks to the Lord for what He's done for me this-afternoon. He was touching things far deeper than anything I knew He could touch. Far beyond, far deeper, than I was conscious of a lot. But I know He was doing something very deep and very important there. The very first verse, I can't quote it now, that we started the day with about God reaching into the inner parts or something like that, that was just happening. I just want to praise God too for the people praying for me. Just before they prayed a particular point, the word Orphan came up in my own heart. Then they immediately, not knowing what had come up in my own heart, they knew from God and prayed against an Orphan Spirit which is one of many things this-afternoon. I cant recall them but God knows what He has done inside and I will know it in the days ahead.

Mrs S.E. Norwich

* When we were having words of knowledge, I had a picture of tipped scales and I felt I'd gone a period of part of my family had gone away and I was feeling everything was against me. I had an assurance, a release that everything wasn't against me.
Miss D.H. Norwich

* Four weeks ago I came here not knowing what to expect, but as Lesley said to me on the way, you might find the initial part of the day boring, but I didn't find it boring, I was drinking in every word that was uttered. It was absolutely tremendous for me because it was just what God had prepared for me, and during the course of the week before that God had prepared me for what was going to happen to me on the Saturday. But I didn't know I was going to be able to come here, because on the Friday night we'd gone to the prayer meeting and I'd asked my husband if I could come with Lesley and he didn't answer me and I thought He's not going to let me go. Anyway Saturday morning I didn't say anything, I went down the farm and did the jobs and we got about half way round. Tom said to me 'You wanted to go to that meeting with Lesley this-morning' and this was about nine o'clock and there I was all in my dusty overalls and everything and I thought I'm never going to make it, Lesley's going to be gone before I can get to the phone even. Anyway she wasn't and we arranged to meet but I had to go and ask my son to take me to Dereham and he said well Vicky [Vicky is Paul's girlfriend] he said to me Vicky wanted me to go and I thought he's not going to let me go. He won't let both of us go. He'll need one of us to help him on the farm and I just sat on Paul's bed and cried. Anyway Paul said 'I'll go and ring Vicky' and he went and rang Vicky and Lesley suggested we leave Paul's car in Dereham and come together. I just threw some sandwiches in a bag and had a shower and well I don't think my feet touched the ground for the next hour. Eventually we got here and the morning was tremendous and then when Steve told me that God had told him I was going to be here on the Tuesday, I thought 'well Lord you knew what your doing, but I didn't even believe I was going to be here at nine o'clock this-morning let alone on Tuesday.' But the result was I was prayed for here and the situation at home was prayed for.. Now my husband and I have been married for thirty two years and these last four weeks have been the best four weeks of thirty two years of marriage. They really have because God not only worked in me but also in my husband and he wasn't even here. Which just shows that God is everywhere. Mrs P.W. Norfolk