Pastoral Deliverance Course

Here is a letter received about the course:

*Dear Steve - I received the second package today. What a treasure. I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit that I came across your website. I started listening to your tapes as soon as I got them. I have listened to four tapes already. I started with the Jezebel Spirit which was of particular interest to me. I had a bad encounter with someone who operates strongly in that spirit and it almost destroyed me. It is now three years later and by the grace and wisdom of God I have been set free. It was a long, rough road. I should never have allowed myself to be in a position where someone could exert that kind of power in my life, but the good news is - it caused me to seek God and His wisdom like never before. It has matured me spiritually and I want to learn as much as I can about deliverance. Your tapes are giving me tremendous insight and your outline with all the scriptures is so helpful. I'm going to listen to all the tapes this week and then I'm going to do a 9 week study starting with tape #1 and the corresponding scriptures and meditate on them. Most sincerely,
Mrs S.M. Illinios, U.S.A.